Empowering Caregivers

AlzWell revolutionizes the caregiving experience, ensuring enhanced support for both caregivers and their loved ones


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Have your loved one device location at all times, and keep peace of mind with notifications.


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Safe Zones

Set Safe zones and receive alerts when your loved one goes out or returns to the safe zone.


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Favorite Places

Save important locations for a person with dementia. Customize and share them with other caregivers in the app.

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News Feed

Learn from our vetted condition sources and our extended AlzWell community to get best-in-class insights for Alzheimer's, medications, and more.

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Find out what triggers other conditions your loved one may have and discover patterns and insights over time.



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Medicine Reminder

Stay on top of medications
with customizable reminders, including snooze notifications.



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Clinical Trials

Get informed of relevant clinical trials, free with AlzWell.



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Log vitals to take a holistic account of your loved one's health.


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Bathroom Journal

Chart your loved one bathroom health to find out what might impact stomach and urological issues.

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Food Journal

Chart a person living with dementia diet to find what foods trigger what responses. Meet health goals.

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Our water tracking chart to better maintain proper health and stay hydrated every day with reminders.

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Improve your journey.

Caring for your loved one can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, AlzWell provides alerts, reminders, insights, and resources to manage their health.

Health Report.

Make health reports on AlzWell for your healthcare professionals to get better transparency and more accurate care.

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Febo is a mobile platform that keeps you updated on the newest technologies and developments of the medical industry. Febo aims to empower all patients by creating a news healthcare platform that includes medical advances, findings, clinical research information, and more.

Febo’s mission is to empower patients via a digital platform and give them the necessary resources to be in control of their condition.

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