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tools to support caregivers

Alzwell transforms the caregiving journey, providing elevated assistance for both caregivers and their cherished ones.

What’s AlzWell?

Empowering caregivers

AlzWell offers a range of tools at the caregiver's fingertips, including location services, health monitoring tools, organizational aids, and curated health news.

Location tools

Experience tranquility with the assurance provided by our location functionalities.

Stay informed when your loved one wanders, establish secure zones, bookmark significant locations, and receive timely notifications.

  • Location
  • Safe zones
  • Favorite places
  • Event calendar
Health tools

Track your loved one’s health

Access a variety of health tools to enrich your caregiving experience and effortlessly record pertinent information.

  • Symptoms
  • Medicine reminder
  • Vitals
  • Clinical trials
  • Bathroom journal
Organizing tools

Collab with caregivers

AlzWell allows you to share an account so other caregivers or family members can join.


Create reports from the logs made in Alzwell, customize and share them via link with password.


Keep notes for your loved one in one place and share them with other caregivers.


Upload important documents, create a file that any caregiver can access at any time.

Health News

Empower yourself with knowledge about Alzheimer's. With AlzWell, users can access reliable news sources and gain insights into Alzheimer's, dementia, various conditions, medications, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can't find what you're looking for? Send your questions to: [email protected]

Yes, the first 30 days are free to try! Download the app and use it without entering your card information.

Download AlzWell on your patient's device, open the app, tap "This is my patient device", give permission to use your camera, and scan the QR code.

Find the QR code:

You can find the QR code in your AlzWell app (in your device as a caregiver) when you tap on the QR icon in the top right corner located in your patient's profile.

In the "patients" screen tap, "add caregivers". Select the patient to add caregivers (if you have more than one) enter their phone number and send the invitation.

The new caregiver will receive the message with a link to tap and download the app, they will be automatically added as a caregiver.

Yes! In the "patients" screen tap "add new patient". Select "Create new profile", enter your patient's name, and that's it!

You can add multiple patients to your account.

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Unlock today tools to enhance your caregiving journey.